Immigrants to the U.S. Offer Interesting Look at Fitzgerald Classic

Like many, the first F. Scott Fitzgerald literature I encountered was The Great Gatsby. Even at 15, the novel struck me, with its ideas of capitalism, love, and the American Dream.

The New York Times ran an intriguing story that showed how 21st century students, especially first and second generation immigrants to the U.S., interpret Gatsby’s quest for the ephemeral Dream.

Here’s one students take, as quoted in the article:

“I think this American dream is an interpretation of a white poor man’s dream,” Nicole Doñe, 17, whose family is from the Dominican Republic, said during a lively class discussion. “For me the American dream is working hard for something you want. It’s not about having money. My dream is to get an education that I can’t get in the Dominican Republic, to live comfortably.”

I invite you all to read the article. I believe it coincides with my post about the importance of recognizing globalization in the communications industry. Messages are translated differently depending on culture, and this is why cultural understanding is growing increasingly important.


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