Are you a Brazen Careerist? I am!

I’m very excited to be a contributing blogger on Brazen Careerist, a new Web site that serves as a career center, blogging directory, and social networking site in one. The site officially launched yesterday, and I commend Penelope Trunk, Ryan Healy, and Ryan Paugh for creating this outstanding resource for both professionals and current students.

Here is more information about the site, taken from its “About” page:

What’s this site all about?
Remember those college career centers that you never used? You probably wish you had taken advantage of them (like we do), but now (maybe) it’s too late. Well that’s what we’re here for. We’re an online career center aimed at Generation Y — young professionals who want to design and define their careers using the new rules for success.

What’s a Brazen Careerist?
A Brazen Careerist knows that defining your own career, finding the right field, and pursuing it are key ingredients to a fulfilling life. Like the tag line suggests, when you define your career on your own terms first, you control your life.

Where are all the good bloggers?
Right here, of course. The Internet is loaded with talented writers, but there is no way to easily search for them. The Brazen Careerist network is made up of a vibrant, curious and ambitious group of career-minded bloggers, passionately covering a variety of fields: personal development, entrepreneurship, public relations, technology, marketing, and politics, each blog offers a unique, informed perspective to our ever-expanding audience.

Are all the network bloggers writing about careers?
No! We believe that everyone should write about their passion. If your current job isn’t focused on your passion, then you should do whatever you can to turn your passion into your career. Whether you want to be a fashion designer or the next great pro volleyball player, then you should be actively writing and reading about those interests. So join our conversation and make your voice heard!

I hope you all take the time to check out this new site and make use of this vast network!


2 thoughts on “Are you a Brazen Careerist? I am!

  1. Hi Meg,

    Thanks for writing about the community. We’re absolutely thrilled to have so many young, professional bloggers already contributing to the site.

    With all the positive feedback we’re getting from inaugural members like you, I know things are only going to get better.


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