A Brief Recap about D.C. – Yes, I Survived!

I can’t bWashington DCelieve how long it’s been since I last posted. Time is moving quickly, and the days seem to be slipping from my grasp.

Last week was USF’s spring break, and I spent 11 days in the Nation’s Capital sightseeing, meeting up with old friends, and job hunting. Although most of my friends thought I was crazy for packing coats and scarves while they were packing swim suits and sunscreen, I still had an amazing trip and met a lot of fascinating people in the industry.

I interviewed with 8 different companies, and met countless professionals with a wealth of knowledge. Even if I don’t get an internship position with a particular agency, it was great to network with so many brilliant minds who have interesting experiences working in communications in D.C. It was very insightful to see how the city’s political landscape shaped many of the agencies’ cultures.

Well, sad to say, but spring break caused the inevitable– I’m behind in my school work, which leaves little time for the in-depth post I wanted to write today. I hope you all will stay tuned, because I have two great ideas for posts swimming around in my head.

A little teaser: one will be about the interviewing process itself and the other will be an actual interview with a recent college grad working at a premier agency here in Tampa.


5 thoughts on “A Brief Recap about D.C. – Yes, I Survived!

  1. Hey! I use to go to USF and stay in T-town…cool. 🙂

    Also, I have a desire to possibly move to D.C. as well!

    Good luck with getting an internship position.

  2. @ Tory – Thank you so much!

    @ Kiera – Small world! And, after my trip to D.C., I highly encourage you to go there and meet with people in your industry. The culture of the town is fantastic, and it seems to be a great place to find a job that will allow for advancement. Good luck!

  3. How did I not have you on my blog roll before?? Anyway, it’s there now. Great site! I’ll be following for sure! Also, good luck on catching up with school, my visit to law schools before finals week has left me more than a little behind. Last final at 1pm today though!

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