New Gen Y Community: 2Sense Online

A couple of weeks ago, Michael Eisenstadt contacted me to see if I would let him interview me for his new Web site, 2Sense Online. After browsing the site, I agreed. The up-and-coming site caters to Gen Y through articles that analyze and discuss a variety of topics, from politics to economics to career advancement.

It’s community of experts and contributers who write about issues affecting young professionals. The articles that I have read are informative and engaging, so I’ll be very excited to see how this site grows in the next few months.

As I learned from being a part of Brazen Careerist, Gen Y communities foster dynamic conversations that have opened my eyes to new perspectives and taught me that my peers are incredibly intelligent.

Even if you aren’t a Gen Y-er, I encourage you to check out both these sites. Oh, and you can find my interview here.


One thought on “New Gen Y Community: 2Sense Online

  1. “Hmm… they probably don’t know that I broke my own nose pole vaulting in high school and that I am addicted to FRIENDS in an unhealthy way.”

    Also, you’re obsessed with How I Met Your Mother. And you, much like me, are the character Robin except real.

    Hooray for tall smart brunettes!!

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