Taking A Step Back From PR Interactive

It’s bittersweet to be writing this post, but I believe the time has come to officially let all my readers know that I’ll no longer be posting on PR Interactive.  In the past 6 months, I haven’t been posting regularly because I’ve struggled with determining what my goals for this blog actually are.

I recently wrote about how my use of social media has changed since I graduated from college last year, and I’ve watched PR Interactive go through an identity crisis as I try to adapt to my new role as a young professional starting out at the bottom of the corporate ladder.  What once started out as a way for me to investigate the convergence of social media and public relations turned into a sort of guidebook for other communications students – which I still love and will continue to help any students who reach out to me [megmarie412 at gmail dot com]!

Now, I’ve come to a point in my life where I think it’s more important for me to sit back and engage in social media a bit differently so that I can continue learning as a PR newbie.  I’ll still be actively listening and participating in conversations on Twitter and through blog comments, so please don’t write me off completely!

A sincere thanks to all my readers and the bloggers I’ve met through PR Interactive, especially the industry professionals and amazing professors who guided me through this whole process (some unknowingly) and provided me with a wealth of information as I went from student to job-seeking graduate to young professional.

I might dive back into the blogosphere eventually, but for now I’m taking a step back and looking for other ways to connect with communications professionals, professors, and students.  I always want to continue writing, so if you know of any guest-posting opportunities, please keep me in mind. Additionally, for the many students who seem to stumble across this blog, I hope my archives will provide some insight on my life as a PR student learning about social media.


9 thoughts on “Taking A Step Back From PR Interactive

  1. Hi Karen,

    Blogging will always be an option for me – I love writing and the social atmosphere that blogging allows. I think it was just time to let PR Interactive go, but I’m sure another venture might come along in the future.


  2. I’m a “seasoned professional” but have enjoyed reading your blog – seeing things through your eyes. I’m sure you will be successful, and look forward to continuing to follow you on Twitter. Best wishes Meg!

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  5. Meg, I’ve been so busy the last month, I missed this good bye post from you. I’m sorry to see you go, but completely understand the need to refocus and reevaluate.

    I will keep your blog bookmarked and continue to share your work with students.

    See you on Twitter! 🙂


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