Staying on Track: Learning How to Hold Myself Accountable to Achieve Personal and Professional Goals

If for some reason, you are a former reader of PR Interactive who has simply forgotten to remove the site from your RSS feeds, I would like to take this opportunity to warn you that this blog will no longer be focused solely on public relations and marketing.

While I am still a huge communications nerd, I’ve learned that it’s important to maintain a balance of hobbies and interests. Since I graduated from college 3 years ago (!) and embraced agency life, it’s taken considerable discipline to stay on track of the professional and personal goals I’ve made for myself. Most of my family describes me as a “very passionate person.” This can be a strength and a weakness, because I tend to throw myself 100% into the areas I’m most passionate about at a given time.

But what happens to the other areas of my life that need attention?

There have been times I’ve slipped, losing track of all but one of the things I consider important to my overall happiness. I’d like this to change.  Being more conscientious about documenting my progress should help and I plan to use this blog as a means of writing about my [numerous] goals and the steps I’m taking to achieve them.

I’m almost ashamed to admit that I’ve launched several other side blogs since I put PR Interactive on hold back in 2009, none of which survived very long. There was a blog about books, a website about social media marketing, a personal blog, and a Tumblr dedicated to fashion. All topics I find interesting and compelling in varying degrees of importance… usually depending on how busy I am at work or in my social life.

Slowly, like many bloggers, my desire to regularly update these sites waned as my schedule got busier. Blogging and writing about one topic grew boring once I found myself more interested in another and instead of combining these interests in one place, I allowed the sites to die.  I suppose I listened to too many social media blogs that said to pick one topic and stick with it, but I’ve finally realized that my personal passions are too varied to focus on only one area of my life.

As a digital strategist, I fully understand I’m “segmenting” my audience… but, to be honest, I don’t really care. I hope to build a community with a diverse range of interests and passions so that we can all hold one another accountable. There’s got to be a few people out there who have goal ADD, right?

Though I can’t promise I’ll update the blog regularly, I will be sure to pop in every now and then to ensure I’m staying on track with my 2011 goals, including:

  • Run 5 races including the Army 10 Miler on October 9, 2011
  • Try 5 types of new exercise
  • Improve my knowledge of basic nutrition and apply much of what I learn to my daily eating habits
  • Read 35 new books, five of which are nonfiction
  • Take a class to learn a new skill or improve an old one
  • Attend a professional conference or workshop
  • Perform one random act of kindness every month
  • Get involved with a volunteer organization
  • Determine whether I want to get a graduate degree
  • Travel to 3 new places

Do you ever find yourself thinking you have too many goals spread out over a variety of areas? If so, how do make sure you’re devoting enough time to all of them?


3 thoughts on “Staying on Track: Learning How to Hold Myself Accountable to Achieve Personal and Professional Goals

  1. I am definitely on overload more often than not. To help balance, I write down what I want to work on or go to, knowing that some things might get crossed off, even at the last minute. If my week has been busy and I need some chill time, I may skip an activity and go home instead.

    • That’s a good strategy. I am a compulsive list writer, which really helps me stay focused. I’m toying around with a couple free tools and I’ve found the TeuxDeux is a really simple program that allows you to update and maintain lists from your desktop and mobile device. I recommend it!

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