Saucony Launches New “Find Your Strong Project”

Wow. I am absolutely blown away by the new intro video Saucony released to launch its new campaign: The Find Your Strong Project.


Everything about this video is well-done: the script, the voiceover, the production value, the editing (plus, how beautiful and amazing does Dorothy look in her signature hot pink arm warmers??).

All of the video’s components strongly resonate with me as a runner. As a marketer, I’m equally impressed. The script is poignant and memorable without being over-the-top or too cheesy, which makes me want to share it with all my running friends and all the friends I want to become runners. It makes me want to share how I find strength, how I “find my strong.” This video does exactly what Saucony wants: it makes me want to get involved in the campaign.

From the description of the video, Saucony provides this information about the Project:

Saucony Presents The Find Your Strong Project – giving runners the chance to share their strong. To find inspiration, find a challenge, or (even) a kick in the butt. Because the more we all run, the stronger we all get. Strong is out there … what’s yours?

There is an accompanying microsite that houses user-generated content where runners can share quotes, photos, and videos detailing how and where they find strength for the chance to win one of 10 pairs of Saucony shoes. It looks like the prompts on the site might change weekly, which will help keep the campaign fresh and exciting.

This is a campaign I’ll be sure to follow closely, especially to see how Saucony leverages social media tactics to capitalize on the strong sharing elements of the project.


What are your first impressions of the Find Your Strong Project? If you were Saucony, what social media channel(s) would you use to increase awareness and drive participation?


One thought on “Saucony Launches New “Find Your Strong Project”

  1. I love that video! So awesome! I think we all have it in us we just have to dig sometimes:) Watching the runners in that video is amazing, such seamless and effortless strides, I love it! Anyways, read on Jess’s blog that you did all 4 Jelly Bean events too. Great job:) I had to come and check out everyone who was as crazy as me:)

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