Two Months Post-Launch: “Refuel – Got Chocolate Milk?” Campaign Is Off to a Strong Start

Growing up, the “Got Milk?” campaign seemed to be everywhere. I loved flipping through magazines and seeing which celebrity or pop culture icon had been featured sporting a milk mustache in the newest ad. Long touted as one of the most famous commodity advertising campaigns, I often wondered if it could be topped, or would we be asking “Got Milk?” for another 20+ years.

Based on a refreshed campaign launched this March, it looks like consumers can add one more word to the iconic slogan – now we’ll be wondering, “Got Chocolate Milk?” As part of an initiative to tap into the $3.3 billion sports-drink industry, America’s Milk Processors are urging athletes to “Refuel with Chocolate Milk” after workouts.

I’m a prime candidate for this campaign because I’ve always said that I tend to crave chocolate milk after a long run. This goes back to my days as a high school track runner. For a long time, people called me crazy for wanting milk after a tough workout, but now there’s a campaign that proves I’m not alone!

The advertising collateral for “Got Chocolate Milk?” is capitalizing on celebrity athlete partnerships and a new slogan, “My After.” Videos, commercials, and print ads  featuring athletes such as Carmelo Anthony, Dana Torres, and Chris Lieto tap into existing fan bases while also validating milk’s ability to be considered a sports drink among consumers.

CHRIS LIETO, Professional Triathlete, Ironman

Notably, the campaign isn’t only using celebrity athletes to reach its target audience (athletes aged 18-34), and is also leveraging key influencers such as coaches and trainers to help build communities of “chocolate milk refuel champions.” This seems to be done well, especially on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, where fans and followers seem engaged with the content the team is sharing.

The team behind “Got Chocolate Milk?” is excelling at creative relevant, practical, and informative content for all online channels. There is a nice mix of sports and nutritional information, resources, and entertaining looks at celebrity athletes to capture attention.

As an athlete, I enjoy the articles and posts shared on the Got Chocolate Milk? Facebook and Twitter profiles, specifically third-party articles that support the science and research behind using chocolate milk as a post-workout recovery drink. On the Facebook page, fans submitted their “after” stories for a chance to win swag and other larger prizes, and a social voting and sharing component kept the community involved with campaign messaging.

Strategic partnerships with brands such as the Rock ‘n’ Roll Race Series, Ironman, the Challenged Athletes Foundation, and Lifetime Fitness are right on the mark in terms of enhancing the campaigns credibility and increasing awareness among the target audiences. When I ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA half marathon earlier this spring, the Refuel team had a strong presence at the expo and the finish line. Plus, I loved getting a bottle of chocolate milk immediately after finishing the race!

Over the last couple of months, the “Got Chocolate Milk?” campaign has taken off and I’m eager to see how it progresses and whether the momentum on social networks continues or fades. Personally, I’m hoping it continues so I have proof I’m not totally crazy when I reach for chocolate milk instead of other more traditional sports drinks after a hard run. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Two Months Post-Launch: “Refuel – Got Chocolate Milk?” Campaign Is Off to a Strong Start

  1. Mu daughter turned to me and “said she a runner so it’s ok to drink chocolate milk? This nothing to do with athletes they are well aware of what to drink as they need a high calorie diet. This is nothing more than a campaign to validate this sugary item to kids. These athletes should be ashamed of themselves.

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