Under Armour’s “What’s Beautiful?” Project Engages Female Athletes

Earlier this year, Under Armour launched the “What’s Beautiful?” Project – an initiative to “redefine the female athlete.” UA kicked off the new campaign with a video featuring powerful language about women and sports:

My favorite line is, “Take it back… from those who think watching us play is boring.” Damn right: now that’s some motivational copywriting that is sure to make the target audience want to get involved.

The video set up a nice story arch that is currently being carried out through a competition housed on a microsite.  Here, UA encourages women to state their fitness goals, create profiles on the site, and work to achieve the goal while documenting the journey and completing 19 challenges along the way.

The visually appealing site is still functional with several ways for visitors to learn more about the competition and watch demos on how to set up profiles and complete challenges, making for a nice user experience.

To promote “What’s Beautiful,” UA has been leveraging its existing social media platforms, specifically the Under Armour Women Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Additional promotion stemmed from a key partnership with BlogHer, the female-focused publishing network. UA has a dedicated channel on the BlogHer website that aggregates the articles bloggers post about the challenge as well as their readers’ comments. A sweepstakes offering the chance to win a $500 Under Armour gift card helped increase participation among the bloggers’ readers, generating more than 600 cumulative responses to the fitness-focused prompt each post included.

Of course, incentives are a necessary component of this competition due to the time commitment required to participate – it takes a lot of guts to publicly declare a fitness goal and then quite a bit of time to create and maintain a profile. The team behind “What’s Beautiful” clearly recognized that as the prize package for three overall winners is significant.

At the end of the competition in July, UA will announce 10 finalists who will then be whittled down further to three winners – two who UA will select and another that public voting will determine. All three winners are set to receive a one-year sponsorship deal that includes Under Armour gear, access to special events and celebrity trainers, and more. The other finalists won’t walk away empty-handed, though – they’ll automatically earn a place on the Under Armour Women’s Ambassador Team and receive $1,000 worth of UA swag.

That incentive package combined with the strong promotional elements ensured the “What’s Beautiful” Project received attention from the target audience of female athletes, but the strong emotional tie to the story arch is what captured the audience in a more meaningful way.

  1. Have you been participating in the “What’s Beautiful” Project?

3 thoughts on “Under Armour’s “What’s Beautiful?” Project Engages Female Athletes

  1. super neat…i think one of the biggest factors of sports improving self-esteem is that u look at how much ur body can kick butt and DO rather than just ya, kno, looking pretty. the looking awesome is just a nice perk. 😉

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