Dedicated to a Training Plan

Dedication is an important part of any endurance athlete’s character. To reach our goals, we have to stay dedicated to our training. Being extremely Type A and a total “J” on the Myers-Briggs personality indicator, working off a defined training plan is probably one of my favorite things after making to-do lists.

I am dedicated to this training plan – to tackling each day’s workout with vigor and purpose. Those little feelings of joy that I get from marking off daily goals have returned, and it’s good, because – let’s be real – it’s been a while. Going with the flow and not following a training plan just didn’t work great for me. Some people can rock it. Me? Not so much.

For the last year, with no training plan, I managed to I stay active with regular workouts, but my runs and cross training lacked purpose. Without a plan or goals, it became a bit harder for me to stay fully dedicated.

Rainy Run in Central Park

Rainy Run in Central Park

As I mentioned in the last post, the break was good for me. I learned that sometimes it’s good to take a break, to workout just for the sake of staying healthy. My best friend helped me realize that throughout our lives, our priorities will shift and change. Last year, my focus was definitely on my personal life – family, relationships, and work. This year, I’m feeling pretty great about where I am with all those areas so I have a little bit more emotional and mental bandwidth to commit to working toward a big running goal again.

So, the whole point of this rambling is that I’ve been officially following a training plan for two weeks now. I’ve hit my daily and weekly mileage goals, which makes me feel proud and all the more dedicated.

I have a lot of hard work ahead of me, as I can see laid out in my Google Spreadsheet, and I’m pumped about it. Cheers to being fully dedicated to this training.

This Week’s Running Highlights:

  • Easing back into tempo runs with an amazing 4 miler along Bayshore Boulevard (1 mile warm-up, 2 miles @ 8:10, 1 mile cool-down)
  • A hot, blah run that didn’t feel as bad as it could have because I had some awesome company
  • Running through the rain in beautiful Central Park and getting in the longest run I’ve done in several weeks
  • The return of Friday Friend Sunrise Runs with the newlyweds
  • Spending quality time with the evil foam roller because injury prevention is a big goal
  • Falling in love with the Brooks PureFlow 3 (alternating with the Saucony Guide 6)
  • Total Mileage: 18
Post-Run Sunset Views

Post-Run Sunset Views


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