Monthly Training Recap: May

While I was injured and recovering, I broke up with my Garmin. It kept me from focusing too much on paces and distance while I was trying to heal. Now that my trusty Garmin has reclaimed its place upon my wrist, I’m slowly getting back into uploading my training data on a regular basis. And, by that, I mean after every run.

I’d forgotten how much I love going through the data. It’s the side of running that truly melts my geeky heart.

Since it had been a while since I’d logged into my Garmin Connect account, I had to dust off some cobwebs and get acquainted with a couple new features. Like, how my GPS can apparently pull in weather information for the locations of my runs?

Garmin Connect Weather

Um, that’s awesome. It’s going to be very helpful as I further develop my mental toughness when it comes to heat and humidity. I can’t wait to look back on all the sticky, sluggish runs I powered through during the upcoming Florida summer as race day gets closer. Seeing what I trained through should put an extra pep in my step as I approach the start line for my “A” race, which is happening in late November.

In addition to weather updates, I love taking a look at my monthly report to see what I accomplished over the last 30 days or so. May was the first month of my base-building plan and it looked like this:

Garmin Connect Monthly Data May

This output might not seem like much, especially considering the impossibly high number of inspirational friends I have training for full Ironman(s)/Iron[wo]men (seriously, WTF is the plural?!), but it means the world to me. And, here’s why:

  1. Over the course of May, I gradually increased the number of runs per week from 3 to 4… with no hip pain (knock on wood).
  2. My long runs have been at 6 miles for the last three weeks and I’m feeling stronger and more comfortable after each one… with no hip pain (knock on wood).
  3. Speed work (AKA The Baby Tempo Run) has made its way back into my life… with no hip pain (knock on wood).
  4. I’m smartly increasing my mileage week-over-week… with no hip pain (knock on wood).
  5. Cross training and social runs with good friends are still a regular part of my plan, and I was able to fit in at least one of each every week in May. It’s very important for me to maintain these two happiness-inducing workouts even as my training ramps up, so I’m focusing on maintaining them now in order to make them habit. Plus, I know that cross training will help with continuing the whole “no hip pain” thing.

Overall, I’m happy with my first full month following a training plan in over a year. I can’t wait to see what June brings!

How’s your training going? Are you using the early months of summer to build a strong foundation for fall racing? Who else loves analyzing training data? 



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